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Melon Craft

by matanrak at 9:38 PM
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The old server is back online!!
ip: melon.mcpro.eu
by matanrak at 5:21 PM
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Melon will reopen in summer and I will start working today but I will need some help, every thing will be remade completely but the same melon feel will be kept!
I will need your help in rebuilding melon, add me on Skype and call me if you are willing to help!
my Skype: matanrak1
by matanrak at 10:34 AM
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Melon will soon might be back up as an amazing custom survival games server!
in the last few days i have been working on a new survival games plugin with amazing things like:
-custom chests (note block as Tier 1 and jukebox as Tier 2)
-no lagg
-spectators can see player's inventories
-map voting with up to 5 maps per lobby
-vip get better loot
-loot upgrading with tokens for 10% / 20% / 40% for better loot
-pets in game, that will help you fight like level 1-5 wolfs
-dungeons and bioses that give you amazing loot
-particle hats in game that can be bought with tokens
by matanrak at 1:50 PM
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it has been an amazing 10 months but now melon will be closing because i need to focus on school and other stuff, i am so sad and it was very hard to get to this decision.
this has been an amazing run with a lot of money that Got donated to us and were used for an amazing host and 4 servers, i hope you melons will find a new server to replace this one.

the server will be closing soon , this site will be still on for the next few months but with only one forum and our shop has been already closed.

may the odds be ever in your chance my melons , i love you all and it has been an amazing run.
for the last time here i say: "Have a lovely melon day!"